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Beatnik Disinformation

Ecovox recording artists Beatnik are at the forefront of the Anti-Bush movement.  Through carefully crafted tunes and strategic activism, Beatnik is spearheading the fight to keep America free.   Beatnik keeps the Anti-Bush resistance alive with songs about the injustices visited upon people by a corrupt regime that has seized power and ruined the American Dream.

Beatnik is:        Dag
                                 Doctor Embo

Sound:                  Sonic Folk; An acoustic-based, angry Simon & Garfunkel-esque sound, peppered with catchy melodies, electric leads, taiko drums, cellos, and enlightening, biting lyrics

America and its founding principles are truly under siege.  Please do what you can to stop Bush, Cheney, and the Neo-Cons.  Together, we CAN protect the Bill of Rights and take back America!!

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